The multi-channel challenge

As customer communications move to multi-device targets like smart phones and tablets, many organizations find their legacy solutions inadequate.
In the same time optimization of IT platforms, reduction of costs as well as obsolecence of solutions highlight migrations initiatives.
The older systems—often outputting print formats like Postscript or PDF—or mainframe based, simply cannot handle the new environments. Nevertheless, the shift to a modern, multi-channel Document Output for Customer Communications Management (DOCCM) systems can be daunting. Not only are documents stuck in legacy formats, but it’s vital to keep the investment, education, content integrity, and understanding of the current business environment intact during any migration. Additional challenges include continuing business operations while changing to a new platform system, accurate migration of existing content repositories, templates, and resources—and keeping down the overall cost of the initiative.

Solutions & Products

Simple and elegant solution

The xFAST Migration and Conversion Solution, xTAG, accelerates the implementation of a new multi- channel customer communication system and enriches retrieval as it converts all legacy data, templates, and document models—including business logic—directly into the new formats. The solution preserves past investments and ensures communications continuity, preventing disruption of business processes. It helps ensure the integrity of corporate messaging to the customer, exactly as that messaging was originally designed into document templates and data repositories. Just as importantly, xFast minimizes the costs of change.

Key features of XFAST

xTAG conversions of document templates and publishing resources are based on the extraction and parsing of resources and component models within the platform source repositories.
Agents are deployed (plugin-specific to the source owner), and the interpretation and translation of the assembly rules and composition rules are applied to resources in existing models.
The solution identifies all the components and resources to be migrated


  • Intuitive, Cloud-based SaaS application
  • Built for proven modern CCM solutions
  • Easily convert and migrate legacy document templates
  • Open architecture based on open standards
  • Secure, extensible, and scalable foundations
  • Accessible by a thin browser-based client
  • Analyzes conversion data and variables in publishing resources
  • Creates audit trails and document reports
  • Creates retro documentation and detailed specifications
  • Solution Certified by US labs and 1st class Cloud Providers

Solution overview

analyzed and displayed, generating an exportable neutral format into the target environment with powerful security and an audit trail. xFast allows you to:

  • Enhance and maintain existing documentary assets and business logic
  • Dramatically reduce the time, costs, and workloads of change
  • Ensure the quality and integrity of legacy content and existing publishing repositories from any proprietary source owner
  • Monitor and measure migration and conversion projects
  • Retrieve reports through dashboards and audit trails
  • Generate documents in an exportable neutral format while allowing for secure auditing
  • Enable distribution and sharing of publishing resources by many applications

Wide-ranging benefits

The xFast solution evolves to business needs and provides a wide range of benefits to increase the ROI on a new DOCCM solution.
The solution:

  • Ensures completeness and integrity of document templates in the target platform
  • Decreases the time involved in planning and managing change
  • Consolidates data architecture and templates repository
  • Keeps the cost of conversion under control
  • Preserves business knowledge without the need for outdated systems
  • Allows fine tuning of document models and deployment of templates and documents into the production environment
  • Allows “on the fly” data transformation in document templates while converting and migrating
  • The iterative approach of conversion from a source repository ensures a quick reaction to changes in the source and target solutions


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About us

xFAST is a private company established in 2011 by professionals and experts in the document arena and by former contributors and founders of document process specialized organizations. xFAST has a dedicated R&D team aggregating various experiences and expertises about web applications and frameworks, cloud architecture and responsive interfaces. Some Associate partners of the xFAST Group, specialized in the document management and consultancy and technical assistance help provide technical assistance capabilities and dedicated services within large migration projects.

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